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WVU Humanities Center names 2023-2024 Fellows and Grantees

The WVU Humanities Center is pleased to announce the 2024-2025 recipients of its annual grants and fellowships, after evaluating a record number of proposals.

“While we had to make tough decisions on what to fund, given the extraordinary number of proposals, the Humanities Center is excited about the breadth and depth of the projects we’re supporting,” says Humanities Center Director Renée K. Nicholson. “The range and number of proposals we received this year shows the dedication and determination of our humanities scholars in a time when the humanities are often seen as at risk.”

The recipients include:


·         Dr. Gwen Bergner, English, “Zora Neal Hurston in Haiti”

·         Dr. Erin Brock Carlson, English, “Hauled Away: How Rural Appalachians Leverage Expertise in the Face of Extraction”

·         Dr. Erik Herron, Political Science, “From Pebbles to Pixels: A History of the Ballot”

·         Dr. Sean Lawrence, History, “Arcadia Lost: Business and Nature at the End of Empire”

·         Dr. Tamba M’bayo, History, “From ‘White Man’s Grave’ to Ebola: Sierra Leone’s History of Epidemics”

·         Dr. Matthew Vester, History, “Isabelle de Challant and Her Family: Gender, Kinship, and Dynastic Identity during the Late Renaissance”

·         Dr. Johanna Winant, English, “Lyric Logic”

Humanities Collaboration Grant:

·         Dr. Megan Leight, Art History, “Artful Algorithms”

Pedagogy Innovation Grant:

·         Dr. Adam Komisaruk, English, “Material Texts: The Past, Present, and Future of the Book”

Research Support Grants:

·         Dr. Joseph Hodge, History, “Between Empire and Development”

·         Dr. Rhonda Reymond, Art History, “Richard Lonsdale Brown and Joseph E. Dodd: Two Black Appalachians and Paths to Artistic Professionalization in the Early Twentieth Century”

·         Dr. Samuel Stack, School of Education: Literacy, “William Woodson Trent: (1878-1960): The Education of a Mountaineer”

·         Dr. Sonia Zarco-Real, Spanish, “Archival research at the Biblioteca de Catalunya in Spain”

The Center would also like to thank and acknowledge the review committee for an extraordinary effort in evaluating this year’s proposals. The committee includes Catherine Fonseca, Libraries; James Siekmeier, Department of History; Matthew Titolo, College of Law; and Lisa Weihman, Department of English.